Inspired by the passion and dedication of the young men and women involved in the pageantry performing arts, Linda has expanded her roles as actor, director and playwright, to include that of executive film producer. She is the driving force behind the creation of the first narrative feature film to be set against the backdrop of the colorful world of drum and bugle corps competition.






With a career as an award winning director and cinematographer spanning 27 years, and a body of work including TV documentaries, Hollywood feature films, dozens of independent features, two Emmy awards, an Academy Award nominated film and many other awards, Mickey remains as excited today about his current projects as he was about his first project 27 years ago. In addition to his depth of experience and abiding passion for his work, Mickey brings a level of compassion and wisdom to the on-set environment that allows the natural creative impulse to flow. He is personally committed to projects that involve the human condition and creating change. 


Wendy blends her love of writing with the positive impact of her experience in the art of pageantry performance to bring the world of drum and bugle corps to life in this character driven, narrative feature film. Her creative script writing captures the true essence of those who participate in this thrilling and demanding athletic musical art form. She is delighted to honor the activity that was such a powerful influence in her life.


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